Carna4 is a hand crafted pet food, made with 100% real food and never uses any supplements.  They are the first to utilize the powerful, natural antioxidants and nutrition of sprouted seeds to provide only whole-food nutrition.   All of their vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics come from whole food ingredients-not a synthetic pre-mix.  Authentic nutrition is more bioavailable.  100% of their ingredients are grown in Canada and U.S.A.  Effective in relief from skin and joint inflammation, digestion problems, and food sensitivities.  

Carna4 uses a quick bake, then air dries their food for a similar nutrient preservation as "dehydrated" pet foods.

Forta4 Raw Food Topping is 100% raw organic sprouted seeds.  Add to raw meat to make a nutritionally complete meal or mix with kibble or wet food to improve nutrition and help relieve health problems with dry skin, inflammation and digestion.  Also a therapeutic probiotic supplement for diarrhea, yeast and digestion issues.

CaraFlora Sprouted Seed Snacks are a meaty, grain free biscuit with super high levels of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics using only 100% real food.  Use daily to complete homemade diets or to add authentic whole food nutrients to a kibble or canned diet.

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