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Why Grandma Mae's Country Naturals is Better

No GMO's, No Dairy, No Corn, No Soy, No Wheat, and No Ethoxyquin

A pet food is only as good as its ingredients, and ingredients with the same name can be very different from each other! For example, one chicken meal could be 60% protein, another could be 70% protein. Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals buys only the highest quality ingredients that are only available in small quantities.

Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals’ kibble is made with a unique low-temperature, slow-cooking process that helps retain high levels of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Our equipment has been modified to achieve unusually high standards for nutrition and digestibility, with a percentage of ingredients fully cooked among the highest in the industry. This means that most dogs and cats will get more nutrition from less food and their stools will be smaller.

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