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Canine Massage Therapy- is a form of alternative therapy that promotes a dog’s health. It is proven that the touch given to a dog through massage can improve not only a dog physically but also his emotional well-being. Massages are great for dogs who suffer from nervousness, anxiousness and hyperactivity. Dog massage benefits include:

• Relaxation
• Increased oxygenation of the blood
• Pain relief
• Improved flexibility
• Improved immune system
• Reduced age-related issues
• Reduced arthritis and hip dysplasia discomfort
• Muscle tension, soreness, weakness and spasm relief
• Reduce recovery time from injuries

Massage supports the balance and circulation of fluids within the fascia. The movement of water within the tissues controls the temperatures throughout their bodies, including core temperatures, organ temperatures, as well as temperatures of the skin and superficial muscles.

The normal wear and tear of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin that dogs have from romping and playing keep their bodies in a constant state of self-repair and maintenance. Dogs, like humans, have the innate ability to heal themselves for most conditions. Dogs sometimes need external touch and support to re-establish balance.

Massage aids in the circulation of fluids throughout the body which assists the joints and muscles flush toxins from the tissues. The results include reduced pain and stiffness, more flexibility and greater range of motion. Massage also increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health.

Animal massage therapists are animal health professionals that use their knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and massage techniques to improve an animal’s physical well-being. They utilize hands-on massage techniques to relax muscles, stimulate circulation, and enhance range of motion.

Meet your Massage Therapist:  

Brittany Lewellyn, LMT, CCMT, ESMT 


Brittany is a life-long animal lover. Growing up with several different pets,  she has always enjoyed caring for and learning about animals. Brittany is now the owner of Radiant Ruby Massage where she provides massage therapy and reiki services for hounds, humans, and horses. She received her certificate in massage therapy from Lancaster School of Cosmetology and Therapeutic Bodywork in 2020, certificates in both equine sports massage and canine massage from Equissage International Inc, and level ll reiki training and attunements through Animal Reiki Alliance.  Brittany is passionate about helping animals as well as their human companions feel their best by promoting healing and relaxation, relieving muscle tension, and managing stress. When she's not massaging Brittany enjoys spending time at home with her husband, step children, dogs, cats, and ferrets in York County. 

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