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    I used Doglicious for the first time to have my 2 Goldens groomed. I was beyond impressed at the amazing job Angela and Irene did. I was also impressed with the cost to have my 2 dogs groomed. I would highly recommend them.

    Pam B.

    We had our first trip to Doglicious Spa and first time seeing Dr. Maria McElwee, and we were so impressed! Our dog has her first official chiropractic appointment soon and we are beyond excited to get started. The shop itself is really cute and the staff is super friendly! Definitely recommend!

    Ashley H.

    I've been working with the amazing staff for months to get my pitbull from turning pink. He loves the food, beef sliders and goats milk. He's a spoiled happy dog. You wont find better animal lovers!

    Jenn M.

    The non-stop caring staff that helps you find what you need for you highly picky cavalier!

    Beth M.

    Took our 2 dogs for grooming and baths. Excellent experience! And awesome treats as well!

    Venessa S.

    Doglicious staff are experts in the health and wellness of your pet! Tami and Bruce are so knowledgeable in tried and proven techniques for improving health and sustaining the healthy life of your pet!

    Janet K.

    I feel in love with this place my doggies love the treats. very helpful and lots of great items will be going there alot now

    M. Fuhrman

    My wired haired Dachshund Toby (14 1/2 years old) was taken to the vet on 12/2/2019 after he woke up in extreme pain and was unable to walk. His back went out. He had back issues in the past and he had always gotten better within a few days. He was admitted to the vet on 12/2/2019. By 12/6 there was no improvement and the vet wasn’t sure what more they could do for him. He wasn’t eating or standing. We thought they were going to recommend putting him down. Toby is an older dog however he does not normally act like an elderly dog. He’s a very active little man and we weren’t ready to give up on him. On 12/6 we brought Toby home from the vet after a friend recommended taking him to see Critter Chiropractor Doctor Maria McElwee at Doglicious. She was able to see us in right away. Our 1st appointment was 12/6. We walked in fearing the worst but after meeting and speaking with her she put us right at ease. She said she’s seen dogs paralyzed like this before tons of times. She was extremely hopeful that she could get him up and moving again. She was awesome with Us and Toby. Very gentle with Toby. There was no cracking, twisting, or aggressive movements. Toby seemed very comfortable and we were hopeful she was going to be able to help him. After his first appointment, he was able to move and pick his head and neck up. Before he was not able to move at all. We took him back on 12/10 and while waiting for this appointment he moved off his blanket and was looking all around. After his 2nd appointment he began walking a few steps and would the. fall down. He walked like a drunk and would fall down. As the days went on he began walking further. On 12/11and 12/16, Toby had acupuncture treatments. (At another location). He had his 3rd Chiropractor appointment on 12/13 and continued improving. He had his 4th appointment today 12/17/2019 and he is pretty much back to his normally self. He was all over the store checking things out, hunting for treats and wagging his tail. The staff at Doglicious are very friendly, helpful, and caring. I would definitely recommend this place to you. They definitely saved my dogs life. 💕💕

    LJ Jenkins

    This was my first time there and they have a wonderful friendly staff, very clean store and lots of unique, novelty items ....next time I will be taking Winston with me to explore....I definitely suggest checking it out ....Thank you for hosting the seminar ..

    Sarah H.

    Barney loves going to Doglicious. He never had a good experience being groomed until he came here! He also enjoys the DOGA class.

    Trish Z.

    Wonderful knowledgeable staff, great location. All natural is for me, why shouldn’t it be for my dog as well?

    Jordan L.

    This was our first time visiting today and we were very impressed with the knowledge and education of Tami and Bruce. We appreciated that they took their time with us and u can tell they r truly invested in the products and each person's individual health of their furry family members. The atmosphere is very welcoming, the place is clean and inviting. We also love ❤their choice of upcoming educational events that we will definitely be coming to as well. We will be back for sure!! Thank u very much!

    Deb S.

    They have great resources to help keep your pet healthy.

    Peggy L.

    Super happy with grooming services. Our little dog has a slipped disk in her spine so I was concerned about taking her anywhere for grooming.Fears are alleviated and dog looks great! They were careful and compassionate and did a fantastic job! I Love the holistic approach! Great natural products and services!

    Angela S.

    Very impressed with the groomer. We had been refused service at PetSmart because of our tiny shih-poo’s apparent anxiety...well needless to say, she does much better in this calm setting. Thank you!

    Joshua A.

    My little Chi is a rescue. She lived on the streets before we got her before that we can only guess what happened to her. She is TERRIFIED of getting her nails clipped. We have tried several places and ways to get do it with no luck. It was suggested that we take her to the vet to be sedated for her nails to be done. I called Doglicious hoping they could help. He was sooo nice on the phone and told us the calmest time for us to bring her in. We went in and they were extremely helpful. I didn't hear her cry until the end and she was way less traumatized at the end than she ever has been. Everyone was so friendly. I really recommend going and checking them out! They truly care about animals.

    Leigh R.

    Dr. Urban performed my dog’s acupuncture treatment and she was amazing! She explained everything as she worked ( both to me and to my dog) and taught me so much. She stayed with my dog throughout the entire treatment monitoring her and talking to her about what she was doing throughout the procedure. I highly highly recommend this vet and Doglicious.

    Michelle H.

    This store is super unique in the services it offers to our furry family members. The superior quality of the products they carry coupled with Bruce and Tami's knowledge and willingness to help creates an unparalleled experience. They aren't just there to "make a sale". They are there to educate and help. They actually CARE! They are so patient in taking the time to answer questions and go out of their way to FIND answers if they don't have them! You will NOT regret a visit with or for your furry friend. I became a customer for life after my first visit.

    Rochelle S.

    Amazing store with such wonderful, knowledgeable people!!! My dog just started on their products, so I can’t say what the results are yet. However, she wasn’t even eating before and now she gobbles down the raw food and goats milk I bought from them.

    Samantha E.

    Customer service and the knowledge they have is exceptional! Tammy was great over the phone; answered all my questions and didn't rush me but asked if I'd be able to come in to discuss more in depth. The next day Bruce spent probably an hour talking me through switching my dogs to a raw diet. He was also patient as I asked questions, and explained things thoroughly. I can't wait to go back. Thanks again!

    Tiff A.

    Excellent family business where all the individuals there really seem to care about your pet's wellbeing. It's more than your average pet store, offering holistic grooming, organic and raw food and treat items, and homeopathic treatment options. They also host various speakers to provide insight on some of the items they have to offer along with seminars to discuss current events. They are worth a visit if you are looking for a place that truly cares about your pet as they would their own.

    Ellie R.

    Awesome customer service and quality products. Highly recommend!

    Stacey M.

    Great place to go for all your health options for your furry friend. Knowledgeable and friendly staff always willing to help with your pet needs.

    Lori C.

    I had no idea this business existed until I sought the help of a chiropractor for my dog, Scout. While the chiropractor is a separate service offered through the Doglicious store, as well as many other services, they had everything I needed to address Scout's diet and health needs - and then some additional things. Both Bruce and Tammi take their business to heart and are a wealth of information for those learning about products that will better their dog's life. And, they are not a corporate behemoth, just normal folks trying to help out others in their community.

    Matthew M.

    Great groomer my two goldendoodles look perfect and the prices are reasonable

    Chelsea T.

    Amazing Holistic Shop for our fur babies and Tami/Bruce are so helpful/friendly!

    Tammy L.

    Recently my goldendoodle was groomed at Doglicious. Brittany, the groomer, did an absolutely wonderful job. I told her what I wanted and she exceeded my expectations. When we need him groomed again, Doglicious Spa & Wellness Center will be our choice.

    Ellen L.

    My dog love his groomer has very happy and content. I recommended to everyone.

    Sandra O.

    Love this place. Great selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Competitive pricing. Highly recommend.

    Pamela D.

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